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New guidance on reducing falls in aged care

February 15, 2024

Australian Ageing Agenda: New research outlines how a tailored exercise and falls prevention plan can successfully prevent aged care residents falling. The findings have been published in two research...

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NARI – National Ageing Research Institute

December 14, 2022

The Falls Risk for Older People in the Community (FROP-Com and FROP-Com Screen) are tools used in the community for assessment or screening of falls risk. The FROP-Com is an assessment tool and involv...

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World Falls Guidelines – Age & Ageing

September 30, 2022

‘It takes a child one year to acquire independent movement and ten years to acquire independent mobility. An old person can lose both in a day’ – Professor Bernard Isaacs (1924–1995) This ...

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Global Guidelines for Falls in Older Adults

July 19, 2021

There’s international action on fall prevention and management practice guidelines, headed by Canadian fall prevention expert Dr Montero-Odasso of Western University, London, Ontario, Canada Ne...

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