IPTOP Education Grant

The purpose of the International Association of Physiotherapists working with Older People (IPTOP) Education Grant is to facilitate members’ knowledge exchange at professional geriatric or physiotherapy conferences, through
a. Supporting a poster of platform presentation
b. Supporting attendance at a national or international conference
  1. The grant is for a maximum of US$500 and is intended to assist with the costs of conference attendance such as registration fees, travel or accommodation.
  1. IPTOP will make a limited number of education grants per year and the decision of the IPTOP Executive or Education committee about any aspect of the award is final.
  1. The applicant must be a member of their country’s older people’s special interest group. This group must be a current paid up member of IPTOP at the time of application. Associate members are not eligible to apply.
  1. If applying for support for a presentation, the applicant must have their poster or platform presentation accepted by a professional conference prior to applying for the grant. The presentation must be linked to a topic relevant to older people’s physiotherapy.
  1. Applicants may receive only one IPTOP educational grant per year and only one IPTOP grant for that specific poster or platform presentation.
  1. Applications for the educational grant will be reviewed by the IPTOP executive committee and / or the IPTOP education committee.
  1. The IPTOP Treasurer will verify the applicants’ membership in their home country older peoples group.
  1. Applicants for an education grant will be informed by IPTOP of the outcome of their application at least one month prior to the conference if possible (depending on the timing of application and the conference).
  1. Awarded monies will only be forwarded to the recipient via check or bank transfer following verification of the applicant’s attendance at the conference and presentation if applicable.  If the applicant does not or cannot attend the conference, then the grant will not be made.
  1. All successful applicants for a presentation will be provided with the IPTOP logo which they must include on their presentation or poster, acknowledging the support of IPTOP.
  1. All successful applicants for attendance at a conference will be asked to write a blog post detailing their learning from the conference. This may be published by IPTOP on any of their communication channels.
  1. Information about all educational grants made, which may include the abstract of the presentation or poster, may be published by IPTOP on any their communication channels.


Please complete the form in English, as this is the official World Physiotherapy language.

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