Mission and objectives


IPTOP represents national special interest groups (SIG) of physical therapists working with older people.  The efforts of the Association are directed towards enabling national organisations and their individual members to work with older people through research, evidence-based practice, clinical specialisation and collaborative practice with other disciplines and carers.  The intention of the Association is to be the international resource for physical therapists working with older people.


  • Education: Provide a platform to foster sharing of knowledge between physiotherapists working with older people throughout the world.
  • Practice: To build clinical expertise and encourage high standards of physiotherapy with older people.
  • Communication: To advance practice by communication and exchange of information.
  • Research: To encourage scientific research and promote opportunities for the spread of knowledge of new developments in the field.
  • Collaboration: To assist World Physiotherapy member organisations in the formation and development of recognized groups working with older people.
  • Organisation: Maintain a high standard of quality organisation, maintaining up to date policies and procedures, a timetable for tasks and reports due and day-to-day organisation management.

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