Frailty Seminar Series 2021-22 Frailty Seminar Series

Frailty Seminar Series 2021-22 Frailty Seminar Series: Physical Frailty and All-Cause Mortality – YouTube

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Webinar Rehabilitation for Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

A free online webinar from the APTA Cardiorespiratory Section on rehabilitation for Post-Intensive Care Syndrome.

Webinar Geriatric Considerations

Geriatric Considerations, part of the APTA PACER Project video presentation on Post-Acute COVID19 Exercise & Rehabilitation.

Webinar Understanding and Preventing Falls in People Living with Dementia

Dr. Susan Muir-Hunter.

View the webinar through this link.
(Link opens in a new tab. The recording of this webinar requires Adobe Flash Player)

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