Videos for Physiotherapists working with Older Adults

Collection of videos for physiotherapist working with older adults.


LOOP Fall Prevention Communit of Practice

Fall prevention community exercise programs for older adults

Do fall prevention community exercise programs for older adults in Canada meet evidence-based recommendations? Results from a national descriptive self-report study, discussed in the context of the novel coronavirus

Safe Exercise at Home for older adults

In this video, physiotherapist and HDR Candidate Rik Dawson explains how the Safe Exercise at Home website can help older people stay active.

APA: safe exercises at home for older people

A team of physiotherapists from around Australia, with clinical and academic expertise in exercise and other forms of physical activity for older people and people with mobility limitations, have developed a new website to support older Australians to stay active – safely – at home during COVID-19.



What type of exercise is best for people with Parkinson’s.

Professor Bloem is one of, if not the World’s leading authorities on Parkinson’s disease. He shares with us his research on this important topic and helps us understand how to best manage our symptoms through exercise. The expression “citius, fortius, altius” (Latin for “faster, higher, stronger”) is the Olympic motto indicating what is required to achieve athletic excellence. Which of these skills is most important to reach an optimal personal performance was not specified by its creator, Pierre de Coubertin, but a combination is presumably optimal.

Prof. Bas Bloem video

Importance of Exercise for People with Parkinson's

The Edinburgh Parkinson’s Lecture in 2022 took place on 28th September 2022. The title of the lecture is: The Importance of Exercise for People with Parkinson’s: Evidence, Empowerment and Enablement. The lecture was given by Julie Jones, a physiotherapist specialising in Parkinson’s, who is a Senior Lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Organised by the Edinburgh Branch of Parkinson’s UK, with the assistance of Parkinson’s UK Scotland and with financial support from Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic and UK Dementia Research Institute.

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WHO: Scaling Up Physical Activity for Older Adults

The recording of a recent webinar that was a collaboration between University of Sydney, WHO Physical Activity Unit and ISPAH.

In this webinar, we present an overview of evidence of what works in physical activity for older adults, as well as examples of scalable physical activity programs from around the world. Featuring colleagues from around the globe, this webinar is presented collaboratively by the University of Sydney, World Health Organization Physical Activity Unit and International Society for Physical Activity and Health in celebration of UN International Day of Older Persons.

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AGILE Physiotherapists working with Older People - YouTube

Explore the topic of deconditioning with Professor Brian Dolan OBE and the ways that we can address and reduce deconditioning in older persons as health care professionals.

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