Israel Physical Therapy Society – Geriatric Special Interest Group

Israel Geriatric Special Interest Group is composed of physiotherapists with up-to-date knowledge in the geriatric field. The interest group operates under the IPTS and provides services to the public, physiotherapists, the Ministry of Health, community health services, hospitals, health professions organizations, media companies and other. The main goal of the interest group is to promote the field of physiotherapy for the geriatric population and thus enable the continued improvement of treatment. The interest group aims to promote the field of geriatrics in physiotherapy in medical institutions, in the community, in academia, and in organizations that provide care for the elderly population.

The group facilitates the collaboration of physical therapists from across the country, working together to achieve common goals. Its existence enables participants to exchange information and ideas, engage in professional collaborations, and actively participate in lectures, seminars, and conferences specifically centered around the field of geriatrics.

The Israeli interest group appointed Yehonatan Hershkovitz as a representative on its behalf to join the association of physiotherapists working with the geriatric population – IPTOP



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